Praeteritum Imperfectum
My name is Alice, I’m 18 years old and I’ve been in love with history and art ever since my parents accompanied me around numerous national trust properties when I was 3.

At the moment I’m studying my A-levels in History, Archaeology and HIstory of Art, and am currently reading a lot of books on Renaissance art whilst also catching up on the modern art movements from Cubism onwards.

I’m also a lover of all period dramas…if you ever need the boxset of North and South or Larkrise to Candleford you know where to come).

My blog (in short) is a mish mash of history, archaeology and history of art…but mainly history of art. It doesn’t have a fixed theme, I just post interesting pictures, stories and tales from my travels….whilst giving you updates on upcoming exhibitions and new discoveries in the historical world.

So, welcome and enjoy!
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"When our slaves were come to the seaside, our canoes were ready to carry them off to the longboat if the sea permitted, and she conveyed them aboard ship, where the men were all put in irons, two and two shackled together, to prevent their mutiny or swimming ashore. The negroes are so wilful and loathe to leave their own country that they have often leapt out of canoes, boats and ships into the sea, and kept underwater till they drowned, to avoid being taken up and saved … they having a more dreadful apprehension of Barbados than we of hell …” Thomas Phillips - A slave ship captain September 1693


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